Fresher Party- 80’s Era Black and White Theme for MBA I year

Sep 14, 2019

School of Business and Management, Jaipur National University celebrated Fresher Party on 14th September, 2019. The party was hosted by second year students of MBA to welcome MBA first year students by giving 80’s Era black & white theme. The juniors arrived early and were curious to know what was in store. The seniors had everything planned and were extra cautious in making their juniors feel welcome. The guest of Honor, “Ma’am, Dr. PreetiBakshi, Executive Director, JNU advised the seniors to help their juniors with their academics and emphasized how important it is to build a healthy relationship between them. She discussed how the academic score improves just simply by being regular to college, following the rules and most importantly discipline. The winners were awarded by the titles like Mr.Fresher – AdityaPareek, Ms. Fresher – AnanyaChowdhury. Mr. Evening was Harsh Gupta and Ms. Evening was AfreenNaz.

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