Celebrations of 150th birth anniversary of Rashtrapita Mahatma Gandhi

Aug 30, 2019

In this context, lectures of experts on Gandhian Thoughts and Work were organized. On 31st Aug, 2019, the invited lectures were delivered by Prof A.P. Tripathi, Jain Vishwa Bharti, Laadnu. He enlightened the audience with the main idea of Mahatma Gandhi which is the bases of most of his thoughts an deeds i.e. ‘Ahimsa’, ‘truth’, ‘love’ and ‘human service’ are the corollary of this central idea propagated by Mahatma Gandhi in ‘manasa’, ‘vacha’, ‘karmana’.

The event was enthusiastically hosted by BCA Students Vaibhav Dangayach and Nitya Sharma.The talented students presented mesmerizing cultural events such as dances, play and sing songs, etc.

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