Action taken Report on 3rd International Day of Yoga

Jun 21, 2017

Jaipur National University Jaipur organized a one day workshop on 21th June, 2017, the workshop provided an opportunity to practice the different Asana and Prynayama under the guidance of yoga expert.

80 faculty members from various Schools of University namely School of Life Science, Computer and System Science, Media Studies, Business and Management, Education, Hotel Management, Pharmaceutical Science, Law and Governance, Engineering and Technology actively took part in the workshop. The workshop began with the chanting of Om Mantra. Prof. Rita Arora gave a gracious welcome to Hon’ble Chancellor Dr. Sandeep Bakshi, Vice Chancellor Prof. H.N.Verma, Pro.Vice Chancellor Prof. A.P.Garg and fellow members. She lauded the initiative taken by the Hon’ble Chancellor Dr.Sandeep Bakshi for introducing Yoga Education as an integral part of Teacher Education way back in 2009, since the establishment of JNU.

Vice Chancellor Prof.H.N.Verma highlighted that Yoga is necessary for the harmonious development and well being of individual and society and commended the role of UGC and Ayush Mantralaya in awakening and encouraging the youth of nation.

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