Education embraces almost all aspects of human activities. It is believed that “No Nation can rise beyond its Teachers”.

School of Education (SOE) is committed to improve the quality of teacher education and in preparing competent teachers. The thrust of the School is on the overall personality development of trainee teachers and making them tech savvy.

National workshop on Yoga, Naturopathy, Yogik Kriyayen and Ayurved

Yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual practice benefitting well being of the society. It plays an important role in improving lifestyle and health of people. School of Education, Jaipur National University organized a seven day workshop on “Naturopathy, Yogik Kriyayen and Ayurved” from 26th March 2018 to 1st April 2018. The eminent resource persons invited for the workshop were Mr. Vijay Singh Paagdi, Dr. Kiran Gupta, Dr. Vedwati, Dr. Omsharan Sinwal, Dr. Pushplata Garg and Dr. O.P. Bhatia from the field of yoga, ayurveda and naturopathy.

The workshop started with the lightening of the lamp by the esteemed guests, Chancellor, Dr. Sandeep Bakshi, Vice Chancellor, Prof. H.N. Verma, JNU and Prof. Kamla Vashistha, Director, School of Education. The guests were welcomed with a tilak and presentation of the momento. The chief guest Hon’ble Chancellor Dr. Sandeep Bakshi inaugurated the workshop on 26th March 2018 and expressed his valuable views on the health benefits of yoga. Soon after, Mr. Vijay Singh Paagdi, Director, Paagdi Yoga centre acquainted the students with yoga and yogik kriyas followed by surya namaskar performed by all the participants.

Hon’ble vice chancellor , Prof. H.N. Verma addressed the participants and envisioned the role of yoga and healthy lifestyle in one’s life. Prof. Kamla Vashishth, Director, SOE, JNU addressed the audience about the objectives of the workshop through a power point presentation. The next session was taken over by Dr. Kiran Gupta, Naturopathy therapist and dietician, who emphasized on the role of well balanced diet and physical activities in developing a healthy body, mind and personality.

A lecture on yoga and ayurveda was presented by Dr. Vedwati, Doctor, Ayurveda Government Hospital on 27th March 2018 to initiate the events for the day. In the next session Dr. Om Sharan Sinwal, Ayurvedacharya, Government Ayurvedik College, Bassi emphasized importance of herbal medicine to the participants.

Dr. Pushplata Garg, Director, Yoga Saadhna Kendra, Bapu Nagar extended her views on yoga and naturopathy to the candidates on 28th March 2018. Later on 31st March 2018, Dr. O.P. Bhatia, Specialist, Acupuncture and Acupressure delivered lecture and displayed his skills on the acupressure therapy to the audience. The participants were benefitted and learnt the importance of yoga, ayurveda and naturopathy in everyday life.

Valedictory function initiated with motivation of the students and participants for their praiseworthy participation and imbibing yoga and ayurved in day to day life. More than 55 participants and Faculty Members, SOE, JNU, participated enthusiastically in the workshop. The workshop ended with vote of thanks by Prof. Rita Arora to all the esteemed guests, teachers and participants for their valuable contribution in making the workshop a grand success.

One Day National Seminar on Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyay: Ekatm Manavvad and Cultural Nationalism

April 4th, 2018

Pandit Deen Dayal Upahyay, an eminent Indian thinker, social and political worker conceived the political philosophy, integral humanism. School of Education, Jaipur National University, Jaipur organized a National Seminar on Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhya and cultural nationalism on 4th April, 2018. The educationists were Sh. Durga Prasad Agrawal, Dr. Vimal Prasad, and Dr. Banwari Lal Natiya. The Seminar was inaugurated with the lighting of the Lamp by all the esteemed guests followed by Saraswati Vandana. Hon’ble Vice Chancellor acquainted everyone about the university. Prof.Kamla Vashisth, Director, School of Education addressed the audience about the seminar and about seminar and about school of education. The guests were welcomed with Tilak and Flower plants.

Sh. Durga Prasad Agrawal addressed with the keynotes. Dr. Vinod Prasad deliberated on Ekatm Manavvad. Ekatm Manavvad aims to appeal to broad sections of Indian society by presenting and indigenous development model that puts human identity and its centre. Prof. A.P. Garg, Hon’ble Prove Vice-Chancellor presented his reflective ideas on Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyay. The second session started with the welcome of guests and memento presentation to the guests. Dr. Banwari Lal Natiya expressed his views on cultural nationalism and how this thought structure held in re-establishing the identity of India in proper perspective. Prof. Kamla Vashisth, Director motivated the students for their praiseworthy participation on such a large a scale. More than 100 students and faculty members participated enthusiastically in the paper presentation. The seminar ended with vote of thanks by Ph.D. Research Scholar, Brijlata.

Two Day National Workshop on School Internship : Problems and Perspectives

November 2-3, 2018

Two day National Workshop on the theme School Internship : Problems and Perspectives was inaugurated by the Hon’ble Chancellor, Dr. Sandeep Bakshi and Vice Chancellor Prof. H.N. Verma on 2nd November, 2018 by the lightening of the lamp. The workshop was graced by the guests Regional Director IGNOU Dr. Mamta Bhatia, Internship In-charge, Dr. Devendra Joshi. Director School of Education, Prof. Kamla Vashisth welcomed the Hon’ble Vice Chancellor and esteemed guests. After the welcome address, she threw light on the theme and sub-themes of the national workshop. The programme was raised by the guidance and motivation of academicians from Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan, University of Rajasthan, Gyan Vihar University and Officials of Govt. of Rajasthan. The workshop was attended by 375 participants comprising of 195 teacher educators and 180 students of various programmes of teacher education.

Hon’ble Chancellor, Dr. Sandep Bakshi emphasized that in the changing dynamic world teachers need to be equipped with technological competencies for being on effective teacher. Not only this content updation, understanding of pedagogical processes and tools and practicing them in the classroom, value addition through MOOCs is the need of the hour.

Esteemed Vice Chancellor, Prof. H.N. Verma laid stress to update the content through UGC portal Swayam. He stated besides updation, it will make their profile rich. Internship Incharge, Shala Darpan explained the school internship modalities, constraints and redressed of issues by the school of Education, Govt. of Rajasthan. Regional Director IGNOU Dr. Mamta Bhatia highlighted the integration of theory and practice which can be very well learnt through the school Internship programme. At the end of the inaugural session, Vote of Thanks was delivered.

The second session was a joint session on the theme professionalism in Teacher Education. It was chaired by Prof. A.V.S. Madnawat, Former Head, Department of Education, University of Rajasthan, Jaipur. He compared the Internship system of other states vis-a-vis Rajasthan. He suggested that interns should be given stipend and be placed either close to their college or in their house town. Internship In-charge Dr. Devendra Joshi answered to the questions raised by participants and the chairperson. Mr. Suresh Chand Joshi, DEO appreciated stating that it has a great impact. The interns after the internship programme gave this feedback to him when he was serving as a principal in a Sr. Secondary School.

Brij bala, educational manager from Jammu presented her paper on the school internship system. She said that internship system in preparing teachers for the classroom teaching but not preparing them as a reflective teacher. They should be given inputs to write reflective diaries and portfolios. Principal Kailash Arya Inspired the prospective teachers to attend the internship with a mental set to learn. He said that now the teachers are being paid very high salaries and it becomes the duty of the teachers to give back to the society and for self fulfillment also. His observation was that the interns are learning very well but it depends on the school officials to engage the prospective teachers in a meaningful way. He gave his own example that because of the effective teachers and their mentoring, he is working in his almameter school as a principal. He insisted on not to go for a shortcut. In other words not to be a non attending intern or just fulfill the formalities.

Senior School lecture of physics, Mr. Govind reiterated that interns should learn the subject matter in depth, then only the generation will be prepared to strive and thrive in the profession. The joint session ended with a report presentation in which present scenario of internship and professionalism in teacher education was highlighted. In the post lunch session Deputy Director, IGNOU, Dr. Sher Singh gave a power point presentation on Patterns of School Internship in various universities in india. The pattern of Internship model of open and distance learning of B.Ed. students was explained and discussed by him. All activities of school were highlighted and the opportunity to deal with diverse research in 80:20 ratio in different school settings was appreciated by the participants.

Prof. Shruti Tiwari presented the internship model followed by Gyan Vihar University. The model has taken into account action research and reflective diaries. But the problems are arising because of not getting permission from provide and government school was also discussed. The session was participatory and informative. In the parallel sessions principals of Teacher Training Institutions discussed the problems faced by principals and teachers. They opined that the internship gives no space to the teacher training institution to play a vital role in preparing the future teachers. There is no scope for the interaction between the two major stakeholders i.e. interns/ prospective teacher and teacher educators.

The second day, the session began at 10:30am on the theme Suggestive Framework for the Effective School Internship under the Chairmanship of Prof. Ajay Surana from Deemed University, Vanasthali Vidyapeeth and was convened by Prof. A.V.S. Madnawat.

Prof. Ajay Surana talked about virtual platform where teacher, mentor from Teacher Education Institution will get connected to improve the internship system, Krishna Kumar raised the question of validity of increasing the duration of B.Ed. pgoramme because of lack of guidance and cousenlling during internship. His observations were based on the survey of five schools of Delhi. Mr. Stephen from missionary school of Jaipur talked about the disengagement of interns with the institution. He viewed the internship programme through the perspective of educational managers. M.Ed. student stated that school authorities do not have a positive attitude towards interns and they do not share resources with the interns which has a negative impact on their learning.

Mr. Kunal, a research scholar and teacher educator shared his experience of coping in the new environment. Prof. Kamla vashisth suggested the coping strategies to interns during internship with the school personnel. In another parallel session, participants deliberated on issues, opportunities, challenges and concerns of school internship. Some of the issues discussed were no peer observation, non- coordination of different agencies lack of opportunities to observe the working of schools and no orientation/ guidelines to school principals and teachers. The workshop report was presented by the Research Director Prof. Rita Arora. Addressing the gathering Hon’ble Vice chancellor, Prof. H.N. Verma asked the budding teachers to follow internship in a religious manner in order to develop as a constructivist, reflective and creative teacher. Vote of thanks was proposed to the esteemed guests, media persons, participants and administrative staff for their cooperation the successful conduction of the two day national workshop.

Women day celebration from 8th March to 13 March

8th March is internationally celebrated as the "International Women's Day". It is an important occasion for all of us to pause for a moment to reflect on ourselves, to appreciate how much has been done and what more needs to be done to bring gender equality. School of Education, Jaipur National University organized various Inter University/ College competitions from 8th March to 13th March. Dr Meenu Singh coordinated this programme. 77 students of various schools of JNU and from different Universities participated in this programme. The programme began with the lighting of lamp by the Director, Prof. Kamla Vashisth, followed by the inaugural speech. The first day programme, started with enthusiasm on the presentations of Safety App for women.

The presentations acquainted the audience with various Apps of Women Safety for self defense. 20 participants presented different Apps on women safety namely Vith U App, Safetipin, Shake2Safety, bSafe, Smart 24X7, Stay Secure and TaxiPixi in a technical manner.. Manisha not only described safety App but also mentioned how it can be downloaded. The judges for the event were Prof. Rita Arora and Dr. Rishikesh Mishra analyzed the presentation of each participant. The event was concluded by Ms Renu Sharma with a beautiful poem entitled “Nari Shakti".

The day did not end here, the competitions were scheduled for the next day as well. There was story competition that to be submitted in written form. The numbers of participants were 17. The topic for the story writing competition was “Enacting the success stories of the women from your vicinity". Ritu student of BSc (Hons) Biotechnology depicted the life story of a woman who surpassed all hurdles of her life and achieved great heights. Kusum shekh, a student of D. Pharma also filled everyone with great zeal by depicting the life story of woman from her vicinity.

The competition organised on 10th March was “Poster Competition ". There were total of 16 participants. The theme was " Indian Women: In Multifarious, roles". The posters were so eye catching that it became so difficult for the judges to analyze each poster. Kumari Jagriti beautifully presented the multifarious role of women in posters. Meena S. kureep of B.SC B.Ed depicted different roles of a woman in spheres of life. The day 13th March opened with great passion. There was poem recitation competition. A total of 24 students participated in the competition. The chief guest for the event was prof. A.P.Garg, pro- V.C. who along with the Director Prof. Kamla Vashisth lighted the lamp to start the event. The poems recited were on the topic "Empowered Women". Rashmi, a student of SILLAS contrasted the position of women in mythologies with the current position of women in society. On the other hand Saurabh Bansal, got second prize for presenting the male psyche regarding women and female foeticide prevailing in the society. The day came to its end with the speech by prof. A.P.Garg on scientific details related to chromosomes, Intelligentsia genes and the declining in the size of Y chromosomes that will gradually become a threat to the society. He also talked about the social boycott of the assaulter. His speech filled our heart with great enthusiasm. The day was concluded with the distribution of trophies and certificates to the winners by Prof. A.P. Pro- V.C. It was great to celebrate programmes on Women's Day.

Fresher's party- ESPERANZA!

  • Prof. Amla Batra , Former Head , Department of Botany and Former Principal, Maharani College , University of Rajasthan, delivered a Lecturer on 'organ donor
  • Shri Shakir Ali, Padam Sri Awardees’ delivered a Lecturer on ‘ Significance of Historical Miniature’
  • Dr Vijay Singh Pagdi, Yoga Expert delivered a Lecturer on ‘ Importance of Jalniti”
  • Dr Kiran Gupta , delivered a Lecturer on ‘ Balanced Diet ‘
  • Dr Ajay Surana, Head, Department of Education, Banasthali Vidyapith, delivered a Lecturer on’ Effective Strategies for School Internship’
  • Dr Vandana Goswami, Dean, Department of Education, Banasthali Vidyapith, delivered a Lecturer on’ Need of Ethnography Research ‘
  • Prof Rajendra Pal , Head, CIET, NCERT, delivered a Lecturer on’ Action Research ’
  • Prof U.C.Vashisth, Former Head, Department of Education, University of Lucknow , delivered a lecture on ‘Qualitative Research’
  • Prof Sangeeta Chouhan, IGNOU, New Delhi, delivered a lecture on ‘Recent trends in Research on Education’
  • Prof Asha Kaushik , Former Dean, Faculty of Social Science , delivered a lecture on ‘ Education and Civic Society’. Name Year Course Place of Placement Job Role
1Ashok Kumar Saini2007-08B.Ed. Adarsh Vidya Mandir, Sr. Sec. School, ChaksuTGT
2Atul Kayal2007-08B.Ed. Sh. Arya Vidya Mandir Sr. Sec. School, Sambhar LakeTGT
3Awani Singh2012-13B.Ed. Pacific World School NoidaAcademic Coordinator
4Bhagwan Sahai Kumhar2007-08B.Ed.Lecturer in Govt. Sr. Sec. School, Kot KhawdaPGT
5Chiranji Lal Raigar2007-08B.Ed.Gram Panchayat Assistant PRT
6Christine Lodrick2015-17B.Ed.St. Anselm's Sr. Sec. School, Mansarova, JaipurPRT
7Dinkar Kumar Dixit2017Ph.DPost Graduate Dep.of Eduction ABS Academy Durgapur W.BPrincipal, Teacher’s Training College. Durgapur
8Himali Kumawat 2011-12B.Ed.Govt. UPS, Jhoopriya, Rajawatan, Nayawas Dausa PRT
9Kripa Shankar Sharma2017Ph.DSanjay T.T.College JaipurAssistant Professor
10Liza Mazarello2015-17B.Ed.Harvard House High School,KolkataTGT
11Mamta Verma2007-08B.Ed.Govt.UPS,School Udaipur PRT
12Manoj Kumar2013-14B.Ed.College Lecturer, Degree College, MahwaAssistant Professor
13Meena Goswami2015-17B.Ed.St. Anselm's Sr. Sec. School, Mansarova, JaipurPRT
14Minu Paul2015-17B.Ed.St. Anselm's School, Malviya Nagar, JaipurTGT
15Mohan Lal Saini2008-09B.Ed.Maharaja Vinayak School, jaipurTGT
16Mohd. Akram2015-17B.Ed.Golden Fiza Public Sr. Sec. School, JaipurAdministrator
17Momita Das2015-17B.Ed.Harvard House High School,KolkataTGT
18Montu Garg2013-14M.Ed.Meera Mahila B.Ed. College, ChittorgarhAssistant Professor
19Neeraj Lamba2016-17Diploma in Yoga YogaGovt.UPS,School RewariPRT
20Neetu Lamba2016-17Diploma in Yoga YogaSummer Velly School, RewariYoga Instructor & Teacher
21Neha Sharma2009-10M.Ed.Eshwaramma Woman's TT College, JaipuirAssistant Professor
22Nikita Smith2015-17B.Ed.Cambridge Court World School. TGT
23Ozra Parween2015-17M.Ed.Mundeshwari College of Education, BiharAssistant Professor
24Priyanka Gupta2012-13M.Ed.Ryan International College of Education, JaipurAssistant Professor
25Rajeev Kumar Sharma2017Diploma in G&CKendriya Vidyalaya No. 1, AjmerPGT
26Ram Narayan Kumhar2008-09B.Ed.Vinayak Children's Academy, Ram Nagaria, JaipurTGT
27Sangeeta Ray2015-17B.Ed .Delhi Public School Howrah PGT
28Sapna Das 2017Ph.DAllsaint's College Agra Associate Professor
29Swati Yadav2012-13M.Ed.Shyam Sai Institution of Education, BiharAssistant Professor
30Tej Singh2007-08B.Ed.Govt. UPS, School PaliPRT
31Uttkarsha Rastogi2015-17B.Ed.R.P.S Cambrian Academy JaipurPRT
32Yash Pal Singh2017Ph.DDau dayal Mahilla Mahavidhalaya Firojabad (U.P)Assistant Professor

Course Offered

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Diffrent Combinations

Duration:3 years

Eligibility: 10+2 or its equivalent with minimum 50%. Reservation as per government norms.

Selection Procedure: Direct admission (Admission based on academic record + PI)


Duration:2 years

Eligibility: Graduation with 50% marks

Selection Procedure: E T by Nodal Agency, Dept. of Higher Education Govt Rajasthan + GD/PI & Merit


Duration:4 years

Eligibility: 10+2 with min 50%

Selection Procedure: Selection through only PTET (E T by Nodal Agency, Dept. of Higher Education Govt Rajasthan + GD/PI & Merit)


Duration:4 years

Eligibility: 10+2 (Science) with min 50%

Selection Procedure: Selection through only PTET ( E T by Nodal Agency, Dept. of Higher Education Govt Rajasthan + GD/PI & Merit)


Duration:2 Year

Eligibility: Bachelor's Degree in Education with 55% marks)

Selection Procedure: Selection through only PTET ( E T by Nodal Agency, Dept. of Higher Education Govt Rajasthan + GD/PI & Merit)

Ph.D. in Education

Duration:Minimum 3 Years

Eligibility: M.Ed./M.A. in Education, M.Ed. (special) with at least 55% marks

Selection Procedure: Entrance Test cum GD/PI

M.Phil. Education

Duration:1 Year

Eligibility: M.Ed./M.A. in Education, M.Ed. (special) with at least 55% marks

Selection Procedure:  Entrance Test cum GD/PI

Diploma Programme in Yoga

Duration:1 Year

Eligibility: Graduation any stream with min 50%

Selection Procedure: Merit + PI

Basic School Teachers Certificate Course (BSTC)

Duration:02 Years

Eligibility: 10+2

Selection Procedure: As per State Govt. Norms

Diploma in Guidance and Counselling

Duration:1 Years

Eligibility: Graduation min 50%

Selection Procedure: Merit + PI

Certificate Course in Yoga

Duration:1 Year

Eligibility: 10+2 any Stream

Selection Procedure: Merit + PI

Faculty Name Qualification Designation Specialization Years of Experience
1Prof. Kamla VashishthM.A. (Pol. Sci.), M.Ed., D.Ad.Ed. Ph.D (Edu.)Director & ProfessorTeacher Education40
2Prof. Rita AroraM.A.(Econ.), M.Ed.,Ph.D.(Edu.)Research AdvisorGuidance and Counselling 39
3Prof. Anshu BhatiaM.A. (Socio, & Pol.Sc.), M.Ed., Ph. D (Edu.)ProfessorMeasurement & Evaluation24
4Prof. Shubha VyasM.A. (Eng.), M.Ed., Ph.D (Edu.)ProfessorChild Psychology32
5Dr. Grishma ShuklaM.A. (Hindi & Eco.), M.Ed., Ph.D (Edu.)Associate ProsessorTeacher Education 19
6Dr. Meenu SinghM.A. (Hist., Draw.&Paint.), M.Ed., Ph.D(Edu) NETAssociate ProsessorCALT15
7Dr. Reena JainM.Sc. (Zoology), M.Ed., Ph.D (Edu.)Associate ProfessorComparative Education14
8Dr. Rishikesh MishraM.A. (Hist), M.Ed., CIC, Ph.D (Edu.), NET (Edu.)Associate ProsessorEducational Technology13
9Dr. Vishnu SharmaM.A.(Sanskrit and Hindi), M.Ed. M.Phil (Edu), Ph.D(Edu)Assistant ProfessorTeacher Education13
10Dr. Sangeeta BagariaM.A. (Eng.), M.Ed., Ph.D (Edu.), JRF (Edu), NET (Eng)Assistant ProfessorEducational Technology2
11Dr. Vaidarbhi SharmaM.Sc. (Biotechnology), M.Ed. Ph. D. (Edu)Assistant ProfessorMeasurement and Evaluation3
12Mrs. Shavya SinghM.A.( Pol. Sci and Psychology,)M.Ed., NET (Edu), SET (Edu), SET (Psychology), Diploma in Guidance and CounsellingAssistant ProfessorEducational Technology9
13Mrs. Naurin Sayyed RPSC- SET, M.Sc. (Chemistry), M.Ed., CSIR-UGC-NET, GATEAssistant ProfessorEnviromental Education14
14Dr. Anupriya KumariM.Sc. (Zoology), M.Ed.,Ph.D. (Education)Assistant ProfessorEducational Technology4
15Mrs. Treena ChakrawartyM.Sc.(Botany)M.EdAssistant ProfessorComparative Education14
16Mrs. Ruchika ShenmarM.Sc. (Botany), M.Ed.,UGC-NET(Education)Assistant ProfessorEducational Technology5
17Mrs. Renu SharmaM.A. (Hindi), M.Ed.Assistant ProfessorGuidance and Counselling 4
18 Dr. Anil BundelaPh.D. (Pol. Sci), NET(Pol.Sc.), B.Ed.Assistant ProfessorIndian Polity6
19Ms. Sushma SinghM.A. (Home Science), M.Ed. Diploma in G&CAssistant ProfessorSchool Administration and Management2
20Dr. Ridhi JoshiM.Sc. (Botany), Ph.D. (Botany), GATE, UGC-NETAssistant ProfessorPlant Biochemistry and Pathology2
21Mrs. Kamini singhM.Sc. (Zoology), B.Ed.Assistant ProfessorReproductive Biology1
22Mr. Hemant AjmeraM.A. (Geo.), M.Ed. Assistant ProfessorEnviromental Education2
23Mrs. Sanju JaimanM.Sc. (Mathematics), B.Ed.Assistant ProfessorDifferential Equation 1
24Mr. Naveen GaurMCA, M.A. (Sanskrit), Post Graduation Diploma in Computer ApplicationAssistant ProfessorICT6
25Mrs. Shobhna TiwariM.A.(Econ.), NTT, B.Ed.Assistant ProfessorElementary Education12
26Mr. Gajendra SinghM.A.(English and Sociology), B.Ed.Assistant ProfessorElementary Education11
27Mrs. Deepshikha JainM.A. (Music), NDDY Diploma in YogaAssistant ProfessorPerforming Arts1.5
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